martes, 3 de diciembre de 2013

Fear-based society.

I've been thinking and rethinking about the human mind. I'm really concerned about this, specially about moral and ethic and the importance of them. One question that came to my mind was as simple as "Is it worth being a good person?". I mean, what's the point? Do you actually enjoy life better being kind to everyone than acting selfish or being mean? The reason I thought about this is because I've always been a very pleasant person. If I've ever done something really bad to someone, it probably wasn't my intention. I'm also a highly loyal friend. But, do you want to know what I received being like this? Alright, I'll tell you: the ones which I use to call my friends use me and let me down once they finish using me, because nobody really cares about how I feel. The problem is that I do care about them, I always listen to their problems and try to make them happy, but they seldom act the same with me. I just think that this is not fair. Take a look at the people you know and you'll find out that some of them are not very nice, but still they have more friends that I've ever had! This kind of incongruencies make me think that it has to be something wrong with this society. Maybe I should be more selfish so people wouldn't take advantage of me whenever they want. I can't stop thinking, is the problem in my personality or the real problem resides on a corrupted and fear-based society?

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